Learning Article : Breakouts: Key to Materialize Gains

When markets are in a correction or in a Downtrend, 3 out of 4 stocks feel the pressure. Even quality stocks start falling. These situations can be discouraging for investors. So, even when the market seems to revive, one feels inhibited to actively take positions in individual stocks. Before the situation becomes clear, all the good stocks would have already rallied and what’s left is a lost opportunity.

How does one cope and find a reliable and profitable way out of this randomness? Thanks to technical analysis and historical research, there are tools which can bring some method to this madness and be beneficial. Continue reading “Learning Article : Breakouts: Key to Materialize Gains”

Special Article : Pharma Sector; Large Addressable Market, But Few Concerns Remain

In recent times, margins are under pressure due to pricing demands in the U.S., forcing companies to cut expenses. Delays in approval of new drugs by the USFDA is another issue that pharma companies are facing. There is an increasing opportunity in China as new rules reduce the entry barrier. The domestic market has the potential to boost growth, as India is increasing spending on health care.

The revenue of top 10 Indian pharmaceutical companies was Rs. 1.3T for FY 2018, of which more than 40% was derived from the U.S. market. The major categories of business include generic medicines, marketing of branded generic medicines, marketing of innovator medicines, and the manufacture and supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Continue reading “Special Article : Pharma Sector; Large Addressable Market, But Few Concerns Remain”