How to deal with IPO Frenzy?

“The safest time to buy an IPO is on the breakout from its first correction and base-building area. Once the new issue has been trading in the market for one, two, or three months or more, you have a valuable price and volume data that you can use to better judge the situation.” – William J. O’Neil, MarketSmith Founder

 With the recently concluded IPOs of Hudco, CDSL, and AU Small Finance Bank making the news, we ask if a retail individual invests heavily in IPOs? A common notion in the market is that IPOs are easy money with minimal risk. We would rather ask our readers to be cautious with IPOs for the following reasons:

● Nearly all of the good issues end up with a tiny allotment for the retail investor due to huge institutional demand for the stock. Continue reading “How to deal with IPO Frenzy?”