Is the market in a confirmed uptrend?

Industry Group


Does the stock you’re watching come from a strong Industry Group?

Stocks; Fundamental Analysis


Does the stock show strong Fundamentals such as:

Earnings growth of 25% or more in the past two quarters. Earnings growth of 25% or more in each of the past 3-5 years. The firm’s profit margin compares favorably with other firms in the industry. 17% or higher Return on Equity.

Stocks; Technical Analysis


Does the stock show strong Technicals such as:

A prior uptrend of at least 30%. A proper base pattern. The stock shows elements of strength. (Accumulation, rising in heavy volume, institutional support) A proper buy point.

Key Pitfalls


Look for institutional quality stocks. Look for liquid stocks. Avoid charts with good technicals but weak fundamentals. General Market direction.

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