Does the news of a pending stock split have any effect on the price of the stock?

We haven’t been able to discern any consistent or reliable reaction that a stock has to a pending stock split. However, I would note that a stock with an excessive number of stock splits within a relatively short period of time, or a number of large splits such as 3-for-1 or larger should be checked for signs of topping. Often, this occurs after a stock has had a large upward move. A stock split does not fundamentally impact the company in terms of earnings per share and a host of other fundamental measurements. However, companies will often split their shares in order to bring down the price of the stock as a way of making it more appealing and/or accessible to investors. Also, splitting the stock will increase the float, which may make it more accessible to institutional investors.

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  1. Apart from that, when the new shares (after bonus or split) is received, they are considered as purchased at 0 price on the date of receipt for taxation purpose.
    So, while I bought 100 shares at ₹1000, I will now have 200 shares (2 for 1 split) trading at perhaps ₹700. Now, if i sell 100 shares, it is considered as the 1st 100 shares that I purchased at 1000. And since I will be selling at 700, it will be seen as a loss and hence doesn’t attract income tax. Due to this effect also the share price reduces after a split at times…

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